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Arctic, Antarctic sounds with boreal and taiga forest between. Exploring cold regions around the Earth using field recordings and modern interpretive soundscapes that illustrate ice fields, glaciers, human cultures, northern rain forests, and all else natural. Using ambient, drone and downtempo music, Boreal Taiga presents many avenues of exploration via digital means. Signed to Wayfarer Records from Olympia, Washington, USA, Boreal Taiga has released 14 albums with various singles on compilations.

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Boreal Taiga’s Music For The Drive On Rv83 album takes us to those far arctic roads in Northern Norway, Troms community/county. Above the arctic circle, these roads reveal stunning views of high peaks, flowing ice rivers, deep oceans, thick snow, tunnels, bridges and roads, all connected to help with the deep drive journey. This album is not ambient in the typical sense, rather exploratory downtempo with experimental and dub ambient drone leanings. Much like the previous release, E10, Boreal Taiga continues the path to a more ethereal journey, with less fluff and more deepness in chillout.

With this new release, Boreal Taiga has utilized older material never released. Re processed, re imagined, these tracks bring us up to date on the very now via the near future. On this journey, we created a more deeper chill out experience using frequencies, binaural field recordings, subtle magikal body tone switches and a unique numerical flowchart of sound. We hope you, the listener/participant, will gain something from this sound experience, whatever you choose.

The album will be available on all major online music platforms. Released exclusively through Wayfarer Records. Enjoy the drive.

Honored to have one of my tracks on an amazing video from the 2014 Midnight Sun Festival in the Lofoten islands area of northern Norway. Truly an epic event.

The track “Barentsburg” on the Svalbard album was used.

Midnight Sun Festival: https://www.facebook.com/midnightsunfestival

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NEW release out NOW “E-10” 11-25-2022 on Wayfarer Records. Purchase here.

Boreal Taiga – E10

Boreal Taiga – E10 Til Gullesfjord

OUT NOW! 12-21-2021

Boreal Taiga – Nunavut Arctic Drone Sessions

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Boreal Taiga Nunavut Arctic Drone Sessions ambient downtempo

Boreal Taiga – Devon Ice Cap MOE
From the upcoming Boreal Taiga album: Nunavut – Arctic Drone Sessions
Filmed on location, Nunavut, Canada by Richard Sidey.

Boreal Taiga – Devon Ice Cap MOE

SHTO (CHTO) Soundscape Performance, Russia July 25th, 2021

SHTO (CHTO) Soundscape Performance, Russia July 25th, 2021 (More details soon!)


In Wildness is the preservation of the World. – Henry David Thoreau

Soundtrack released with the film on June 12th of 2020. INFORMATION HERE

ELEMENTA is the second feature collaboration between wildlife filmmaker Richard Sidey and ambient composer Boreal Taiga, and concludes the director’s Speechless trilogy.
A black and white visual meditation of wilderness and the elements. Sidey returns to the triptych format for a cinematic experience like no other. Filmed over five years on seven continents, prepare yourself for full immersion.

Released by GALAXIID
Soundtrack released on Wayfarer Records


Ambient Artists Compilation addressing climate change

01/2020 RELEASED TODAY! A double ambient and downtempo album featuring artists from around the globe addressing climate change. All proceeds will be donated to various climate scientific non profit groups. Thank you for your ears and support!

This compilation is an action in music to remind us that we are in a situation not only for the present but the future. All musicians on this compilation have chosen to join together to spread this message of urgency.

We invite you, the listener, to remember that every bit of action is essential, from recycling, making lifestyle changes, to moving to a more green way of living. To protect our forests, deserts, jungles, Arctic and Antarctic lands, plains, and mountains to our coasts and oceans.

All proceeds from this album will be donated to: The Union of Concerned Scientists and Amazon Watch.


Featured tracks:

Boreal Taiga – The Time In Nuuk

Boreal Taiga – Chukotsk Peninsula

NEW Album announcement – Released today! 11/27/2018



A 12 track full length album and journey to remote, cold and often deep areas of Siberia. From the Kamchatka Peninsula East to Murmansk in the west, Boreal Taiga explores ancient cultures, shamanism, tundra and the taiga forest environment from a new perspective. Ambient, dub ambient and deep sounds inspired by research, travels and history.

Written and produced by JimD at Shaman Studios
Mastared by Dave Luxton
Album photography by Richard Sidey
On Wayfarer Records

Note: the 13th track “Anadyrsky District” was not included in the final album. This track will be released at another time.

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