Boreal Taiga & BT Gate X-138

Ambient, dub techno and experimental artist JimD expands horizons.

Boreal Taiga started as an experiment in the ambient / downtempo realm around the year 1998. Founded by Linc Belt industrial enthusiast, Jimde, Boreal Taiga reflects his love of experimental music, dub techno and ambient of which it has progressed further then imagined.

From the hills of Los Angeles County, Jimde moved to Seattle Washington after having first fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest in 2002. thus obtaining his goal and desire to be closer to Alaska and the arctic north.

In 2008, Jim made a decision to move to Norway, 250 miles above the arctic circle. Living in the arctic for more then 6 years, Jim spent more time on deeper music, exploring ambient sounds merged with binural arctic field recordings influenced by the beauty and stark landscapes of Norway. At this time he met Dave Luxton of Wayfarer Records, Olympia, WA by submitting a demo. Dave upon hearing the demo, signed Boreal Taiga and released his first acclaimed album “Isopectic Isotac” in CD and digital forms. From there, 7 more full length albums would be released through Wayfarer Records.

Traveling to Alaska, Norway and Canada and exploring the wilderness and far reaches of the cold north, the music advanced with deeper influences.

Boreal Taiga has found it’s roots and now has a history to be included in many live sconcerts, outdoor festivals across the USA and the first few of Europe’s electronic festivals, we can see a rise in Boreal Taiga’s goals.

BT Gate X-138

Boreal Taiga’s dub techno, dub chillout sound started in 2013. Signed to Tehnofonika Records in 2015, BT Gate X-138 has released 4 full length albums. Exploring the dub techno and dub ambient sounds, creating deep spaces of dubby bass and beats with a touch of ambient.

Boreal Taiga links:

Official Website
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BT Gate X-138 Links:

Tehnofonika Records

All albums can be purchased at Amazon.com, iTunes, Spotify and other online music retailers.

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