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In Wildness is the preservation of the World. – Henry David Thoreau

Soundtrack released with the film on June 12th of 2020. INFORMATION HERE

ELEMENTA is the second feature collaboration between wildlife filmmaker Richard Sidey and ambient composer Boreal Taiga, and concludes the director’s Speechless trilogy.
A black and white visual meditation of wilderness and the elements. Sidey returns to the triptych format for a cinematic experience like no other. Filmed over five years on seven continents, prepare yourself for full immersion.

Released by GALAXIID
Soundtrack released on Wayfarer Records



Boreal Taiga’s music focuses on colder environments, arctic, Antarctic as well as boreal forests and the mighty taiga in Siberia. With interests in the flora, fauna and native cultures that reside in these areas, the sounds are directly influenced by the vast spaces and amazing environments.

Experiencing Alaska for the first time, Boreal Taiga (JimD) was formed in 1999 and is currently signed to Wayfarer Records with 11 albums released. After moving to northen Norway (200 miles above the Arctic circle) Boreal Taiga’s first album “isopectec isotac” was released to critical acclaim. His music is ambient, soundtrack and ethno sounds attempting to capture exploration of the beautiful Arctic and Antarctic. As a side project, BT Gate X-138 concentrates on dub ambient / dub techno and was signed to Tehnofonika Records in 2014 and now has 6 albums released.

With two soundtracks created for Sidey’s films, as well as collaborating with Dave Luxton of Wayfarer Records, Boreal Taiga continues in his journeys with the Melt compilation. This compilation addresses climate change by bringing together electronic music artists from around the globe to bring climate awareness through music.

Boreal Taiga’s soundtrack for Richard Sidey’s Elementa was created based on Richard’s multimedia work and information from his grand travels to Greenland, the Arctic, Svalbard, Antarctica, Amazon, and other places. The music took over a year to create, mix and record with the addition of earlier work chosen by Richard, titled “Naa“. Created with electronic sources as well as field recordings, the Elementa soundtrack is a reflection of Richard’s award-winning cinematography and photographs that captures the raw magic of nature itself.