BT Gate X-138

Boreal Taiga’s dub techno, dub ambient sound began realization in 2000. Signed to Tehnofonika Records in 2014, BT Gate X-138 has released 5 full length albums and many EPs. Exploring dub techno and dub ambient sounds and creating deep spaces of dub bass, beats and a touch of ambient. BT Gate X-138 is especially interested in exploration of field recordings from the northern realms of Siberia and taiga environments.

Albums released on Tehnofonika Records showcase a variety of sounds and styles revolving around the dub techno and ambient realms. As this evolution continues, the process is less about work, but a love to create. The outcome is not about entertainment but a focus on creating a deep and immersive sound.

With experience in music production, DJing and art agitation, BT Gate X-138 continues to build a future of sound. Mixes can also be heard and are found here.

BT Gate X-138 has the goal of deep immersion with nature and stark urban realms. Using dub techno and dub ambient as the delivery method, the music is for driving or chilling out.

Currently, BT Gate X-138 is releasing albums or tracks on other labels such as hello strange, Space of Variants, Apnea, Agape&Satori, spclnch and ODrex Music.

New albums, tracks and videos will be updated as they are released. Upcoming live events and all mixes can be found on the news and events page. Check back often for the latest sounds.

Discography below


ЧТО ‘ soundscape performance ‘ 21724 – 24 July — 25 July 2021

BT Gate X-138 and Boreal Taiga are pleased to announce our music will be featured at the ЧТО ‘ Soundscape Performance festival in Russia! Many thanks to the promoters for this amazing event and invite. More info on their website and facebook page.

BT Gate X-138 and Boreal Taiga – From Kosmodrom Vostochny track for the CHTO Soundscapes Performance event in Russia, July 25th 2021

YouTube video

NEW 8 track album release on 6-30-2021

BT Gate X-138 – 83K – 3 Kepa

Released on Space Of Variants label


NEW 11 track album release 4-28-2021
BT Gate X-138 – Granitnyy Ultradeep
Released on Space Of Variants label

A deep dubby album, bringing soothing, warm soundscapes for your mind altering travel. Deep dub atmospheric, hazy, and drowsy chords, deep drifting soundscapes and atmospheric field recordings – over the hypnotic dub techno and deep techno grooves is coming soon… Highly recommended for all fans of Deepchord!

More information HERE

1 – 2021 – NEW! Released on Apnea music label, BT Gate X-138 – Novy Urengoy EP.

Featured Tracks:

BT Gate X-138 – 120Km To Chalna
BT Gate X-138 – Yelizovo Broadcast Reshape
BT Gate X-138 Meets EkkoKontroll – Oslo Before The Rain


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