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NEW upcoming ambient album from Boreal Taiga titled “Nunavet” on Wayfarer Records. COMING SOON!

NEW BT Gate X-138 album “86K -3 Kepra” to be released on Space Of Variants label on June 30th, 2021.

24 July at 7:00 pm — 25 July at 8:00 am ЧТО ‘ soundscape performance ‘ 21724 Russia.

09/06-09/2018 – Imagine Music & Arts Festival Orcas Island, Washington State

07/01/2017 – Blooming Heart – Orcas Island

07/13 – 16/2017 – Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival

09/2017 – Imagine Festival – Orcas Island

10/2017 – Norway TBA


6/12/2020 Elementa debuts at the DOC Edge Film Festival and wins top place.

Elementa AWARDS

Best New Zealand Feature
Doc Edge Festival

Best New Zealand Cinematography
Doc Edge Festival

06/2020 – Boreal Taiga releases Richard Sidey’s Elementa soundtrack on Wayfarer Records.

01/2020 Wayfarer Records releases a global charity compilation addressing climate change. The album is titled “Melt”. Available now!

05/15/2018 – Tehnofonika Records releases BT Gate X-138 – Yelizovo Broadcast double album

04/05/2018 Iceland self released album on PolarMagnet Records

04/2018 – Stay tuned for news on two projects with Richard Sidey

05/2017 – Wayfarer Records announcement: Boreal Taiga, “Greenland” Release date: June 20th, 2017

04/2017 – Wayfarer Records announces the 9th full length album release for Boreal Taiga, titled “Greenland”. This album has been in the works for over a year now. More details soon!

02/2017 – Boreal Taiga is working on new material for release on Wayfarer Records. A new album exploring Greenland. Stay tuned!

11/15/2016 – Boreal Taiga’s new album Polar Reflections just released…

2/22/2016 – Boreal Taiga to participate in Golden Record: Sounds of Earth Immersive Multimedia Event.

5/20/2015 – Boreal Taiga to perform at the Imagine Festival on Orcas Island.

5/2015 -BT Gate X-138 debut full length album “Slow Frequency Emitter ” released on Tehnofonika Records

3/20/2015 – Ambient Music to Heal featured on Hearts of Space.

2/4/2015 – Boreal Taiga’s dub techno project BT Gate X-138 signs with Goran Geto’s Tehnofonika Records based in Europe,

1/2/2014 – Boreal Taiga to release “Glacia Form” on January 28th!

7/1/2013 – Boreal Taiga to perform at Solar Weekend Oslo.

6/18/2013 – Boreal Taiga and 3Music’s “Thousand Mysteries Before You” out now!

4/26/2013 – Boreal Taiga’s new album at gutú out now!

5/01/2012 – Boreal Taiga and Oyvind Lind collaborate. Oyvind’s professional studio mixing skills and production mastering added.

2/28/2012 – Boreal Taiga’s Yg: drasil out now!

10/17/11 – Richard Sidey’s film Landscapes at the World’s Ends featuring music by Boreal Taiga can be viewed for free and in entirety! Directed, produced and filmed by award winning Richard Sidey. Music by Wayfarer Records artist, Boreal Taiga. DVD available from Richard’s site All tracks from the “Isopectic Isotac” album which can be found on Amazon, CDBaby or iTunes. Support the artists! Watch the film here.

9/1/11 – Wayfarer Records is pleased to announce the release of Boreal Taiga’s Arctic Remixes 2. The album features eight ambient tracks that showcase Boreal Taiga’s masterful composition and sound design skills. The album is available from all major digital download services.

2/1/11 – Boreal Taiga’s Arctic Remixes is out now!

10/25/10 – Boreal Taiga’s album Isopectic Isotac is featured release on nationally syndicated radio show Musical Starstreams! Musical Starstreams is the longstanding, award winning nationally syndicated radio program. Weekly programming is transmitted on over 200 terrestrial radio stations across the US as well on the internet at through and also on Isopectic Isotac will be begin play on November 7, 2010.

10/5/10 – Boreal Taiga’s album Isopectic Isotac is out now!

7/5/10 – Wayfarer Records is pleased to announce the signing of Boreal Taiga. Boreal Taiga was formed by ambient musician JimDe more than a decade ago. Originally from the Seattle, Washington area, JimDe has explored Northern Alaska and North Western Canada and now resides in Norway, 350 miles above the Arctic Circle. He has 20 years of experience in electronic music production and he masterfully uses samplers, binaural field recordings, and synthesizers in his sonic creations. With Boreal Taiga, JimDe creates beautiful, lush ambient electronic atmospheres that are influenced by the Northern Hemisphere and Arctic environment

8/10/09 – Boreal Taiga makes contact with film director and nature photographer, Richard Sidey of New Zealand. Boreal Taiga’s first video produced by Richard Sidey, “Froze Drone”.

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